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美国亚洲投资协会(AAIA)是一个非盈利性组织, 正式成立于2010年九月八日。它提供一个在美国与亚洲之间的独家的(exclusive)企业对接平台。使命是促进合作,帮助亚洲和美国的企业和商界领袖互相理解和实现他们的商务目标。真诚邀请您一起来做美中之间商务.

美国亚洲投资协会下设美亚俱乐部, 为所有来到美国的,或要来美国者提供一个为优质生活的交流场所和全面登陆安居服务.

AmericAsia Investment Association (AAIA) is a nonprofit organization, formally established on September 8th, 2010. It provides a exclusive platform for Enterprises between America and Asia. The mission is to promote collaboration to help both Asian and American  Enterprises and business leaders to understand each other,and assist in the realization of their business goals.We sincerely invite you to do businesses between the U.S. and China.

The AmericAsia Club is a club under of the AmericAsia Investment Association that provides a place for exchanging ideals about the high quality of life among entrepreneurs who have come to the United States,  or  who want to come to the United States from China.